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Fav Couples

Posted in Anime by starchildap on February 26, 2008

 So here is my list of favorite anime (yuri)  couples (some cannon and some not) (Not in order)

strawberry9.jpg Amane & Hikari

commission___share_a_dream_by_shilin.jpg Haruka & Michuru

kannazuki_no_miko__anime_yuri__by_victorsamusx.jpg Chikane & Himeko

madlax_and_vanessa.jpg Madlax & Vanessa

hazuki_desktop.jpg Hazuki & Hatsumi

hold_me_tight_by_yummy_yuri_fan_club.jpg Shizuru & Natsuki

marimite4rj2.jpg Yumi & Sachiko

rei_to_yoshino___early_spring_by_reita.jpg Rei & Yoshino

 bedtime_by_demoneyes007.jpg Nadie & Ellis


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