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Best New Anime of 2008

Posted in Anime by starchildap on July 7, 2008

So now that many of 2008’s new animes are comming to an end, luckly not all of them. I’ve decided to give them a rating… based on my own opinion only. So here are the winners for the top ten best of 2006! (Only new animes, not ones that are the second season of something else)

1. Special A- Totally brilliant, loved it.


2. Vampire Knight- Wonderful, couldn’t stop watching. It would have been number one, expect for that I don’t like where I see it going with Zero, I really want him to be with Yuki and I don’t see that happening, so that brings it down to #2.

3. Dazzle- I usually don’t go for things that don’t have some type of romance in it, but this is one of the best shows that doesn’t rely on that that I’ve ever seen. Admittedly I’m hoping for romance in this in the future (if it has another season) But the character interactions in this were so wonderful.

4.  Itazura na Kiss- I totally fell in love with this one, I found it later than the rest, but couldn’t stop watching it. I usually dislike ones like this were the poor girl just gets jerked around alot, but this one was rather sweet, so I like it.

5. Nabari no O- What an original story, I really have been enjoying this one, its rather unpredictable, and the character are great. I adore Miharu and Raimei- she is so great!!!

6. Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They Are My Noble Masters)- I really enjoy stories that have both humor and elements of sweetness. I also love stories of unconventional familys brought together in odd ways. So I really hit it off with this one!

7. Rosario + Vampire- Very cute and funny. I really enjoyed this just as a lighthearted thing, its sweet and amusing. The character are great and I loved Mizore, she was great- always popping up in strange ways.

8. Soul Eater- I didn’t think I was going to like this one- Black Star was just too annoying! but I love Maka and Soul, so that made up for it.

9. Junjo Romantica- Very cute and catchy- I am currently in love with Yaoi so this fit the bill nicely. If only the thrid couple wasn’t so annoying! I love the first two, but the last one irritated me, still overall a brillinat anime.

10. Kyōran Kazoku Nikki- Another great unconventional family one! And so funny! What a great combo of family members, they just kept the laughs comming!


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  1. chaz said, on August 26, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    hey man thx for the list of animes…but i was wonderly where did u watch nabari no O. I have been looking for it online but i can’t find

  2. starchildap said, on August 26, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    I watched it on Veoh, although now it seems only the later episodes are up. A couple places with the first episodes are:
    Hope that helps!

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