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Top 10 Anime Couples that could happen- and I want to have happen!

Posted in Anime by starchildap on July 7, 2008

There are many many anime couples that they build up and nothing ever happens, or it happens with someone else. Its enough to drive me crazy- but recently I’ve seen several possible couples that they have built up, but whom I’m afraid they won’t actually have happen… so here they are.

1. Zero & Yuki- I just know this isn’t going to happen, and it makes me want to cry, they are so perfect for eachother!!!

2. Shūrei & Ryūki – One of my favorite couples EVER, If they don’t end up together I think I may cry for a day stright, and I know i’ll never watch this show again if they don’t get together.

3. Wolfram & Yuuri- I really hope they get together, I mean after all they are engaged!

4. Ellis & Nadie- These two were just meant to be together, its all set up for them to fall into love, if they aren’t already. all the sighns say they are already way in love…

5. Rahzel & Alzeid- They would be so cute together, I really see this happening, hopefully, in the future.


6. Itsuki & Adelicia- They are really great together, but I’m worried he may end up with Honami.

7. Hiro & Hime- The groundwork is all laid out for this, it all a matter of will they follow through.

8. Miharu  & Raimei- I really don’t know if anything will happen here, But I want it too. She is after all so loyal to him, and I think she is one of the few people he trusts. She took him joining the bad guys in stride, I can totally see this becoming something… hopefully.

9. Maka & Soul- They seem like they could be really good together, it would only be a little step forward for thier relationship to progress to romance, and it would be sweet!

10. Tsukune & Moka-This one probably will happen, if thier friends will stop getting in the way!


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  1. A person who knows =w= said, on November 4, 2008 at 5:26 am

    Awsome i know right zero and yuki are awsome together~
    Shūrei & Ryūki are AWSOME together, i am also hoping they get together, but if you wamt to get deep into this issue(i still have’nt finishesed watching the 2nd season XP):

    Okay first of all the guys surrounding Shūrei(that are like somehow it looks like they might be “more than friends”):

    Ryuuki, Ryuuki’s brother (can’t remeber his nam DX), Yo eigetsu (the one who comes when he is drunk), and The guy with the long orange hair (i think he died).

    Now the relashionship status:

    With Ryuki ever since Shūrei became gov. their reletionship has becomeing more “distant”, it seems that Shūrei is leaning towards Ryuki’s brother, and is starting to see him as “more then a very important family member” or so how she calls it XP Yo eigetsu is out, because even if he tried to kiss Shūrei a lot, that girl with the pigtails is making a relationship with To(that is until she finds out the bad news DX) that’s basically how far i got up to. The guy with the orange hair (again, i think he died) actually had Shūrei falling in love with him, until Ryuuki’s brother stopped that. So basically the only real couple there could be is either Shūrei & Ryūki or Shūrei & Ryūki’s brother.

    Rahzel & Alzeid;
    Now that’s a couple i really want to get together, it just really sucks the anime ended up with aq HUGE cliffhanger, so all the fans waiting for it to happen end up dissappointed -.-;;
    Hiro & Hime:
    THAT IS A COUPLE THAT IS MEANT TO BE!!! throughout the story their reletionship seems so obiovious, but its a shonen anime so who knows?

    Miharu & Raimei:

    I don’t know what will happen there either, since the story seems to be leaning over to yaoi.

    Maka & Soul:
    AWSOME AWSOME COUPLE, but probably because of ep. 28-29 some people might create new couples like Black Star X Maka or Maka X Crona(if they ever find out crona’s gender that is), anyway the one way this anime could rip people off if they just keep soul and maka’s reletionship just as Meister and Weapon XP

    Tsukune & Moka:

    yea it will probably happen because the whole anime pretty much revolves around their reletionship.

    The other animes i haven’t watched yet but i probably will XD

  2. Nicole said, on November 7, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    I want to know what animes these are from…I’m always lookin for new anime…

  3. animerules121 said, on November 19, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Are 2,3,4,all gay?
    is the one wearing purple in number 2. a guy?
    Also how com Yuki and Tohru aren’t in here or Kyo and Tohru?
    Did you know Yuki and Kaname (from vampire knight)are siblings and they get married knowing that?

    • starchildap said, on November 20, 2010 at 1:28 am

      Nope, number 2 isn’t gay. The one in purple is a man. And yes, I know about yuki and kaname, just one more reason she should be with zero.

  4. animerules121 said, on November 19, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    by “how com Yuki and Tohru aren’t in here or Kyo and Tohru?” I mean from fruit baskets

  5. Sarah said, on April 15, 2013 at 5:04 am

    YES. Alzeid and Razhel are one of my favorite couples ever and none of my friends will even read Dazzle!!!!! That and Soul and Maka has been my favorite ship since forever. I want to hug whoever wrote this list. That and I ❤ Zero too. I always had a distaste for Kaname ever since the beginning…

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