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Black Blood Brothers

Posted in Anime Series by starchildap on August 26, 2008

Black Blood Brothers- Fantasy/ Comedy/ Supernatural- A-

Watched: All

A suprisingly cute little show, all about vampires and humans coexsisting. Its funny and sweet and has a nice pace. The ongoing backstory and flashbacks were somewhat annoying, but the details provided there were needed for the story. I think that there could be a second season, I’d like to see Jiro and Mimiko get together, and see what happens with Kotaro. The bad guy is still alive at the end, so the story could contenue, and maybe it will. My favorite character was Zelman Clock, something of a psychopath, but so cool! He was brilliant, never loosing his cool, with that attitude! He just made the show for me, any scene he was in was great! Overall I liked it, it was amusing and interesting.


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