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Posted in Anime Series by starchildap on August 26, 2008

Zombie-Loan-Action/ Adventure/ Comedy/ Supernatural- A-

Watched: All

A funny little short anime, only 11 episodes, but worth watching all the same. the story it about two guys who were brought back from the dead and wrok killing zombies to pay off the debt for brining them back to life. They meet a girl who can see people who are about to die or who are dead and she starts to wrok with them. Overall a rather interesting story. I loved the two male leads Chika and Shito, listening to them bicker was hilarious! However the female lead really didn’t do much for me. Michiru was rather lame when it came down to it, she never relaly fought and just whined most of the time. But the guys made up for it. The animation I really liked, it was unique and interesting. Overall I really liked the series, I went back and watched it a second time.


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