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Posted in Anime Series by starchildap on October 24, 2008

Paradise Kiss- Drama/ Romance- A-

Watched- All


It’s really hard to say I loved this series, even though overall I really did. But the ending broke my heart and ruined it for me. To spend a whole series building up a relationship and in the last ten mintes of the show destroy it and have the main character married off to someone else, totally kills me. I really loved Geroge and Yukari together, thats what really made the show for me. I mean I liked a lot of things in it, the character were all interesting with well defined personalitys. The graphics were great, especally the fashion outfits. And I thought the vocal cast was really great as well. But for me, as I was watching, it was Yukari and George’s relationship that kept me watching. It just feel like overkill to add on the last little bit about what happens ten years later. I could have survive and still loved it if they had left that off. Even with Geroge going off to paris, leaving it open for the future would have made the whole series end wonderfully, perfectally. But to throw in at the last minite that Yuraki marries that idiot Hiro, just sorta tained the whole series for me. But still, I love it all the same, it was a brilliant show, well worth watching even with the sad end. And in my mind Yukari is going realize her mistake, leave hiro at the alter and run back to George, well a girl can dream.


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  1. María Alejandra said, on November 16, 2009 at 7:38 am

    First I have to tell you that I don’t manage this language very well (I’m from Colombia, so I speak Spanish) but I’m going to do my best for explain myself (and please understand if I have a terrifying mistake).
    So… I also love this anime, is one of my favorites, and the end also disappointed me, if I have the chance of make a new end I would do it, and they will end up like a couple again, but this end is not so bad, I think is something new and unexpected that became the anime in something less predictable, and for that reason I can’t hate this end, because it’s different and it make of this anime something more realistic, now that, for love we can’t leave everything behind us (It could be romantic and the expression of a perfect love but it doesn’t happen in the reality or if it happen most of the times it ends bad) so I think she take a very mature decision (Yes, George was the love of her life, but she moved on and left this part of her life in the past so it became her in a better person, or it is what I think).
    Well, I’ll cut it out here because it’s very difficult to me explain my ideas in the right way with this language, so I hope you understand my point of view (I’m not pretending to make you think like me, I’m only sharing you my thoughts), if I could write this in spanish I’m sure that I would explain myself better, but I try my best!
    Pd: Please forgive my mistakes!! I have only written in English for my english class at the school. And if you have time please answer this comment, I would be very grateful.

    • starchildap said, on November 16, 2009 at 5:03 pm

      Hello, Thanks for your words. Its always interesting to hear what others think. In fact I agree with everything that you said, they are all true points. And I’m well aware of that, but that kind of logical thinking, while true, doesn’t effect the emotional response generated by this anime. Sure on a logical intellectual level I know she made the best most intelligent decision. I might have made the same one myself, I fully support women choosing to pick their career’s over marriage and following after some guy. But that can’t make them splitting up any less painful to watch, knowing that in order to live sensible mature lives they split up. Its far too real for my taste. If I wanted to see reality where love is cast aside, I’d go outside or watch the news. I want to watch things like this to see them live happily ever after, I don’t care if its not the smartest best decision in reality. Its anime for gods sake, they shouldn’t have added the last part showing her getting married to someone else. At the very least they should have let the person watching ream the maybe, just maybe, in the future they might get back together. The author, while a brilliant writer, is very much not a romantic.
      PS. Your english was just fine, there weren’t any glaring mistakes.

  2. Macy said, on March 25, 2010 at 12:28 am

    I feel the same way.I loved the anime alot but seriously did they have to make it so that she marries Hiro.Gosh I wish it made it that you see more and well she decides not to marry him and runs off to George and gets her happily ever after.I mean what I was thinking when I saw the ending was like Oh no way she cant marry him this anime cant end like this and I also thought that maybe in her heart she is feeling pain and has love for george.Gosh but it was also so sad I cried when she found out that he left her all those clothes as memories of him.I cried like a baby it was just so sad

  3. Macy Thorne said, on April 15, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    I just love this anime

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