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Marginal Prince

Posted in Anime Series by starchildap on January 15, 2009


Marginal Prince- Romance/Slice of Life- D-

Watched- 1 episode

Well, that was truly awful. Usually I try to give a show a chance, and watch at least three episodes before I decide to stop. But I really just couldn’t with this one, it was just too hard to continue. I mean really, it was such a pointless painful show, painful to watch I mean. The characters seemed shallow and you had to wonder why they were created at all. They were pretty, which was their only redeeming quality, but they all seemed a bipolar and tedious. I’m all for a show full of pretty boys, but there has to be more to the show than that, and there really wasn’t more to this one. And worst of all, they broke into song at random moments for no understandable reason. The plot looked really non existent and even in my wildest dreams I can’t see how this show could ever be worth watching.


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