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January Fav Character: Yuujiro Shihoudani

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on January 20, 2009

Yuujiro Shihoudani

January Fav Charcter: Yuujiro Shihoudani of Princess Princess.


You just have to love Yuujiro, he’s just too much fun. Watching him comparing make up brands, teasing Miko-chan, getting hit on by guys, and play flirting with Tooru are too much fun! He’s such a carismatic person, and not just when he’s wearing a skirt. And he always has some wonderful sarcasic or scathing remark to make, usually directed towards Mikato. Besides, he’s just so pretty! And he doesn’t even seem to mind wearing the outfits, its so cute!


He’s so unpreictable, one minite saying how he wants a girl with big boobs and the next kissing Tooru. You just can’t guess what he will do next. And all the interplay with Mikato is a big part of what makes the show worth watchng. His endless teasing and tormenting of poor Mikato is so cute.


But the thing I love most about Yuujiro is his relationship with Tooru. The dynamic between them is wonderful, they have such a great friendship, possably more. They are totally there for each other, and get each other so much. Yuujiro is so protective of Tooru, it is cute. And the way he only opens up to Tooru and trusts him is touching. Besides, throughout the whole show there is the undertone of something more between them. I mean come on, how many guys would kiss one of their guy friends, even to throw off a girl. And in the last episode where Tooru asks Yuujiro about his feelings and he blushes, you can’t help but think things may heat up between them in the future. I hope so!


Overall Yuujiro is the character that makes the show, for me. His humor and beauty are a centerpoint on wich the show rests. He is totally one of mt fav characters in anime.



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