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February Fav Character: Honoka

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on February 9, 2009


February Fav Character: Honoka of “The Third.”

Now heres a girl that can look after herself! Honoka really kicks butt, although she trys to keep it of the non human kind. She’s so cute and tiny, but she packs such a powerful punch, its such a wonderful contradiction, you can’t help but love it. She’s terribly endearing, always randomly reciting poetry and acting like silly child over new weapons, its a riot to watch. Its particularly funny to watch the interplay between her and the AI Bogie, who she lives and works with.

Her interactions with real people are interesting to watch too. She’s a bit socially awkward, which might come from spending more of her time with an AI. But to the people who she consiters friends she’s very loyal. Particually Millie, Paifu and Ikus, who spend the most time with her.

Her relationship with Ikus is particularly interesting, watching the growing feelings between the fiery little girl and the sweet alien boy. Honoka is rather sheltered and naive towars romance and doesn’t realize her feelings for him, or rather doesn’t know what these feelings are, and this continues for a long time. Only at the very end do we see her realize how much he means to her. Their relationship s very sweet, they both have a strong sense of purpose an their own direction in life, and they both respect each other and don’t try to get in each other way, but at the same time there is this deep underlying trust between them, a bond. They are just too cute!

Overall Honoka is just brilliant, confident, kind, with her own sense of ethics, and an ability to kick butt! She’s a riot to watch, and truly a character you can grow attached to easily, which is why she is one of my fav female character. I love when a women doesn’t need a man to save her, when she has a good mind, and is a generally good moral person, and Honoka is all of these. She’s a strong sensible (well, not always) sweet girl, who I wish would show up in a second season so I could see more of her!


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