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March Fav Character: Alzeid

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on March 11, 2009


March Fav Character- Alzeid of “Hatenkou Yuugi”

Alzeid, the mysterious brooding albion on a quest for revenge from Hatenkou Yuugi is actually one of favorite character, male or female, ever! He is just brilliant, the way he makes these cutting sarcastic remarks with his gorgeous face utterly expressionless. Watching him is priceless, an listening to him is even better. He’s arrogant, moody and mysterious, his background is unknown, and that adds to his charm. But at the same time he is oddly childish at the funniest moments, and sweet, at least towards Rahzel.

The relationship between the three travelers is really sweet and fun to watch. Despite what Alzeid says verbally, the three are actually very close. His actions show how much he cares for them and trust them, especially Rahzel (there might be something more there in the future, hopefully!) They bicker nonstop, always making biting remarks and threats towards each other, but when it comes own to it they are always together an united. They also have lots of fun together, again, not that Alzeid would ever admit it, or heaven forbid, smile.

Alzeid is such a great character to watch, because you never know what surprises he will throw at you, like him in a maids outfit… Anyway he’s tough, sarcastic, and moody, which makes for a character you don’t want to take your eyes off. (And if you think he’s fun in the anime, you should see him in the manga.) I totally adore him an could listen to him threaten Heat and criticize Rahzel forever, I wish!


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