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April Fav Character: Zelman Clock

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on April 21, 2009

Zelman Clock

April Fav Character- Zelman Clock of “Black Blood Brothers”

Well this may be the first time I picked what is technically a bad guy for my favorite, but it can’t be helped, I just adore him. He’s too hot to ignore, literally and figuratively. Who can resist the bad boy vampire who is a bit of a pyromanic, not me. Undeniably, he is a bad guy, he’s not following the rules of the society he lives in, he makes a name for himself on breaking them, he drinks human blood, and probably kills (this is not shown) However, he’s not the bad guy of the series, and he is shown to have his good points.

He is really cute when dealing with Kotaro, and suprisingly kind. I think even he was suprised by that. He really seemed to take a liking to the little boy, and even gave him good advice and protected him. It was just too adorable to see them eating ramen together, its so out of character for Zelman.

Overall, he’s a bad guy, buts he’s still my fav. Once he said the line to Kotaro and the compromiser, hit the ground and pray to god, that just cinched it for me, I loved him, he was just too cool. You just gotta love the bad boys, and its even better if they are vampires!


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