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May Fav Character: Sara Halifa

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on May 17, 2009

Sara Halifa

May Fav Character: Sara Halifa of “Gallery Fake”

I just adore Sara, she’s so vibrant and strong. Not to mention a real princess, which is brilliant. But what I love most about her is how true she is to herself. She follows her heart, and doesn’t try to hide thing, or feel ashamed of her feelings. She’s really courageous, escaping to another country after all her family died and starting over. She never whines about how awful thigns were for her or how unfair things have been, she just keeps going, as upbeat and cheerful as ever.

You have to respect the way she lives her life. She’s filthy rich, and lives in a hotel, so she doesn’t have to work. But she decided she wanted to work at Gallery Fake with Fugita and so she did, without pay. She follows him all around the world looking at art, dealing with one wild art adventure after another, loyally following him, solely because she loves him. She looks after him on a daily basis, cleaning for him, nagging him about his health, running errands, without any other reason than her feelings for him. At the moment he seems blissfully unaware of her feelings (the anime isn’t all subbed, so I haven’t watched it all) But hopefully he will come to realize them soon, and realize his own feelings for her. Their partnership is really unique but works well for them, they trust each other a lot and understand one another very well. They also care abut each other immensely, when something happens to one of them, or they get in trouble, the other one races to help. Besides, watching Sara get jealous is also too much fun, when she is mad at Fugita she throws her cat at him, he end up so scratched up! Whenever she catches him talking to another women or such, he gets the “oh god, please Sara, no don’t do it!” Face on, and usually says just those things. But they always make up and are back to being friends soon.

Overall Sara is just divine! She’s fun to watch, her moods show so easily on her face, an easy to love. Watching her and Fugita travel all over the world for art together is lots of fun, I look forwar to seeing her in the rest of the episodes once the are subbed!


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