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July Fav Character: Sei Satō

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on July 14, 2009

Sei Satō

July Fav Character: Sei Satō of “Maria-sama ga Miteru”

Sei was the character that really made Maria-sama ga Miteru come to life for me, and then when she left I kinda lost interest in the show, her leaving broke my heart. She was just the character that sparkled with life, laughing all the time, teasing the others, she just touched your heart. Even more so once you learned of her past, and the things she had to get through to be who she is now. Knowing that makes you just have to love her more, for being so strong.

In a show that has heavy yuri undertones, Sei is the only actual out lesibian in the show, well other than her lover and another girl in love with Sei. We learn about her past when she was in love with a girl named Shiori, who at the time loved her back. They planned to run away together, but at the last minite Shiori didn’t come and left Sei to go become a nun. It took years for Sei to heal an become the person that we know and love in the show.

I really love seing the relationship between Sei and her petite sœur Shimako. On the surface it seems like unlike the other girls, that they are not close. But upon deeper inspection you find that they are just as close, but they relationship is very complex. She also grows to have a goo relationship with Yumi, the main character in the series. She is always teasing Yumi and play flirting with her, its so cute!

Overall Sei is just the character that makes the show shine! I love watching her antics and seeing what funny thing she will do next. She is a character that really touches your heart with her strength and with her ability to move on and live her life to the fullest.


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