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November Fav Character: Lee-leng Huang

Posted in Anime, Characters by starchildap on November 15, 2009

Lee-leng Huan

November Fav Character: Lee-leng Huang of “Hanasakeru Seishonen”

There are a lot of gorgeous guys in Hanasakeru Seishonen, ┬ábut Lee-leng Huan stands out among them and is my favorite. He’s just too cute, especially when he was younger, he was just too adorable to believe. Acting so adult, while being so tiny an cute, he looked like a doll. Its hard to believe that Lee-leng was ever really that young and small, he seems like he must always have been grown up. Although for all intents an purposes, its seems like despite his size, when he was younger his personality wasn’t that different, an he still acted very adult.

From the first moment we see Lee-leng in the show, you can tell that he is in love with Kajika. And that is part of what makes him so wonderful. We see him stay by her side, even knowing that he can never have her. Loving her silently, while protecting her. Its heartbreaking. (So lets hope he gets her in the end) But its moving, to see the depth of his feelings for her. To him, Kajika is his world, as demonstrated by his actions and words again and again. Besides, its amusing to see ho much he changes around her. Usually he is so calm in and control, but when she enters the picture, things go haywire. He loses is composure an his ability to think reasonably.

I really love his human interactions, particularly with Kajika and also with Eugene and Rumaty. His fighting with Eugene adds new depth to his character. Its even more amusing if you think of it as a continuation of his fight with mustafa. I love the little moment of doubt he has his “No, it couldn’t be.. could it?” expression after Eugene does the same thing as Mustafa use to. And watching him play big brother to Rumaty is really cute. Seeing him tease him is too adorable, its a whole different, equally adorable, side to Lee-leng.

Overall, I just adore Lee-leng Huan, his attitude, his confidence, an his way of living. He is the character that I love watching most in that show, he makes it worth watching. But if he doesn’t en up getting Kajika, which it looks like he will, then I will totally cry, because the relationship between them is what makes Lee-leng so wonderful. Although, even then, I’ll still adore Lee-leng Huan.


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  1. Maousama said, on January 29, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    love him ^_^he’s my fav too ^_^

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